TOP Crypto Casinos (Bitcoin) 2021 + No Deposit Bonus!

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TOP Crypto Casino 2021 - Choose The Best And Get A Bonus Without A Deposit!

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It's no secret that the list of payment systems Online Casino constantly changing and transforming. Old casino deposit methods such as cards Visa and Master, Qiwi wallets often fail when making a deposit at casinos in many countries. The only alternative casino deposit method that works 2021% in 100 is the use of crypto currency (Bitcoin)!



Elon Musk has invested one and a half billion US dollars in the development of cryptocurrency in 2021 is in the photo.
Elon Musk has invested $ 2021 billion in the development of cryptocurrency in XNUMX!


After all, after Elon Musk and the Space-x Company invested one and a half billion dollars in the purchase "Bitcoin»The position of crypto currency in the modern online world of casinos and sports betting (e-sports) has only increased! Therefore, the international multilingual gaming portal conducted his own research and compiled his "TOP Crypto Casino 2021 »


TOP Crypto Casinos 2021


Top Crypto Crypto Casino 2021 - Bonuses and Free Spins are on the photo.
Top Crypto Crypto casino 2021 - Bonuses and Free Spins there is a photo.


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100 Free Spins No Deposit (Bonus Code 100SUN)! Instant Payouts! No Verification! VIP Cashback For Every Bet (not for losing)! No Payout Limit! 112 Payment Methods! + Bonus € 1500 and 150FS!

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100 Spins No Deposit in the slot Razor Shark from Push Gaming (No VAVADA casino promo code needed!) + Free Tournaments with Real Prizes!

Bitcoin! + 100 Spins No Deposit in the slot Razor Shark from Push Gaming (Promo code VAVADA casino is not needed!) + Free Tournaments with Real Prizes!

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Bonus 100% + 100 Free Spins! Fast Payouts (1-5 minutes).

  Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Doggy (DOGE), Laytkoin (LTC), USDT + 100% Bonus + 100 Free Spins! Highly Quick Payouts (1-5 minutes).

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MrBit Casino

125% Deposit Bonus + 50 Free Spins and up to 50 Euros Free in Bets!

Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, NEM, Dogecoin + 125% Deposit Bonus + 50 Free Spins and up to 50 Euros Free in Bets!

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€ 1500 Deposit Bonuses and 150 Free Spins! 

Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, DigiByte, Verge, STRATIS, Ripple, TrueUSD, Tether, Chainlink, Basic Attention Token, BitSharesLitecoin Dash, Monero, NEM, Bitcoin Gold, QTUM, TRON, USD Coin, Paxos Standard Token, Bitcoin Cash, OmiseGO, Ethereum Classic + More than 60 languages ​​on the site and almost all currencies of the world! Plus Bonus € 1500 and 150 Spins No Deposit!

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bitStarz Casino

20 Spins No Deposit! € 500 (5BTC) +180 Spins Per Deposit!

BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOG and USDT! First Crypto Casino # 1 in the World! A lot of useful information on the site on how to use cryptocurrency in a casino! Casino Bonus: 20 Free Spins No Deposit + € 500 Deposit Bonus and 180 Free Spins as a Gift!

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BAO Casino

Deposit Bonus € 300 (1 BTC) +100 Free Spins

Cryptocurrency: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, DOG! Bonus up to € 300 or 1 BTC + 100 Free Spins!

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50 Free Spins for Registering at the Casino Slottica!

Tether, Ethereum, Bitcoin! Bonus -  50 Spins without a deposit in Starburst! 200% (€ 1000) First deposit bonus and 100% on the first 3 deposits (+ 30FS)!

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50 Free Spins No Deposit (25 DoA2 + 25 Gonzo's Quest)!

Tether, Ethereum, Bitcoin! Casino, Sports Betting and cyber sports, Live. Bonus: 50 Free Spins No Deposit For Registration!

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60 Spins No Deposit For Registration Free in the slot JUMANJI (NetEnt) in the New Casino 2020!

Tether, Ethereum, Bitcoin! Bonus - 60 Free Spins Without Deposit (JUMANJI, NetEnt) in the New Casino 2020!

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50 Free Spins for Registration in the DoA 2 slot! + € 1000 Deposit Bonus!

Tether, Ethereum, Bitcoin! 50 free spins no deposit! + 100% Welcome Bonus € 1000!

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50 Free Spins in the game Book of Dead no deposit!

Tether, Ethereum, Bitcoin! 50 Free Spins No Deposit in the slot machine Book of Dead from the provider Play'n GO!

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50 Rotations for Registration No Deposit, Live CasinoBetting on Sports and Cyber ​​Sports!

Tether, Ethereum, Bitcoin! Casino, Sports Betting and Cyber ​​Sports, Live. Bonus: 50 Free Spins on the slot machine Starburst (NetEnt) No Deposit + 225% + 225FS for a Deposit!


Cryptocurrency in the modern casino gaming world


Before starting to consider cryptocurrency as a phenomenon of the modern economy and a convenient way to make deposits in Online Casino the name itself should be analyzed.


The name was first used in a Forbes analytical article. The prefix "crypto" in the name is an abbreviation for "cryptographic", that is, encoded. Thus, a cryptocurrency represents a series of interconnected encoded signatures that are the result of solving the equations of cryptography. Encryption determines the uniqueness of each coin, and signatures are analogous to the serial numbers displayed on banknotes.


The emergence of the most famous cryptocurrency at the moment Bitcoinwhich is very popular in Crypto Casino attempts to create virtual money preceded, and programs were developed aimed at ensuring the security of electronic payments through cryptography.



1. What is cryptocurrency in plain language


Cryptocurrency is a special payment instrument, the main difference from the national currency of which is the absence of real expression and existence exclusively in the Internet space.


Cryptocurrency refers to digital money with a high degree of security, settlements for which are carried out using blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency is ideal for deposits and withdrawals of winnings in  crypto casino, because all transactions will be invisible to the tax service.


After all, data storage is carried out on a large number of computers, each of which is a separate network node. To carry out any operations in the system, they must be registered and confirmed by each node.


The generation of virtual money is carried out in the process of cryptographic operations (deposits and payments in crypto casino), which makes it impossible to counterfeit. In some countries, this category of money is equated to financial instruments of the national level, calculating the exchange rate relative to traditional currencies. Various cryptocurrencies after payments from crypto casino can be easily exchanged for fiat currencies through special platforms.


Top Crypto Casinos of 2021 on the portal there is a photo.
Top Crypto Casino 2021 on the portal!


2. Technical component


The main characteristics and attractiveness of cryptocurrencies for use in crypto casino lies in their decentralization, that is, the absence of a financial institution exercising external control and management. Recently, attempts have been made to create it, which may be the first step towards equating virtual money to fiat currencies.


The storage of cryptocurrencies is carried out in a system of distributed ledgers, which are created by blockchain technology. The user can get data on the transactions carried out, as well as on the state of the wallet. The block also contains information about transaction fees and other service information.


Mining is the creation of each new block, in which a user can take part in possession of powerful equipment and a stable Internet connection. However, setting up the mining of virtual money requires special skills in working with a specific crypto network through the use of remote access.


3. Security measures


The guarantor of the protection of cryptocurrency when used in a crypto casino is a special code; most blockchain systems use a “proof of work” code, which does not allow an operation to be performed without confirmation from various nodes.


Generation of new nodes is carried out at a certain interval, which is set by the program code of the system. New blocks are linked into a single interconnected chain, while the correctness of the hash signature is confirmed by each of the network nodes. Blocks in which errors are detected are immediately rejected by the system and do not negatively affect its functionality.


The hash chain and special digital signature ensure that transactions are highly secure and that each transaction is unique.


4. Types of cryptocurrencies used in crypto casinos


According to statistics, as of September 2020, the number of cryptocurrencies exceeded 5500, and their market capitalization was almost $ 300 billion. At the same time, 20% of the most famous cryptocurrencies used in crypto casino accounts for more than 70% of the amount.


This is due to the fact that a significant number of virtual currencies are used exclusively for settlements within a certain network and are not traded on exchanges, and, accordingly, they are not of interest from an investment standpoint.


The following types of cryptocurrencies are distinguished:

1. Currencies Coin. This type of cryptocurrency is mainly used as a means of payment online crypto casino and investment object. The main characteristic of this type of virtual money is the absence of centralized management, absolute anonymity of transactions and simple use. The most famous cryptocurrency of this type is Bitcoin.


2. Platforms Coins... This type of cryptocurrency is a special financial instrument, without which it is impossible to use the network, the main purpose of this cryptocurrency is to create and execute smart contracts. They are a special program that automatically monitors the transfer of assets between more than two parties to a contract concluded under certain conditions. Currently, the most famous cryptocurrency in this category is Ethereum... Also, this virtual coin can be used similarly to bitcoin. The main reason for investing in Etherium is the desire to leverage capital in the development of infrastructure projects. But Ethereum also very popular with players for online deposits and payouts crypto casino.


3. Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Large exchanges on which cryptocurrencies are traded very often issue their own types of virtual money. This allows you to increase the speed of circulation of funds and increases the liquidity of unknown assets on the exchange. Exchange users at any time can convert the cryptocurrency to the exchange token by paying a small commission, which increases the attractiveness of investing in startups. The main difference between this type of cryptocurrency lies in their centralization, that is, in the presence of a governing body. They are also characterized by high liquidity, which, however, directly depends on the success of the development of the exchange - the issuer. The most popular exchange tokens are Binancecoin and Exmocoin.


4. Utility Tokens, which are also sometimes called App Coins... This category of cryptocurrency is issued in the amount necessary for carrying out operations to attract ICO investments. Attempts have been made to promote Utility Tokens as investment tokens after the completion of the collection for blockchain projects. However, due to tight control by securities commissions, a high level of knowledge is required to carry out successful investment activities.


5. Security Tokens. Distribution is carried out among investors, which provides additional protection for capital investments. They are an analogue of a marker in accordance with which dividends are paid, while the virtual money itself can be invested in other blockchain projects. The right to receive profit in case of its appearance is registered in a smart contract, and the tokens themselves can be sold on the exchange. This type of cryptocurrency is characterized by the presence of some centralization, since their turnover is regulated by government services for securities and financial markets in some countries.


6. Crypto Commodities. A generalized concept of an asset, which can be both real and virtual, where the receipt is associated with the use of a blockchain network and special digital tokens. This category of virtual money is used to pay for various goods and services within a certain platform. For example, through the use of blockchain tokens - the Aeron network, it is possible to access the air travel security database. The security of transactions carried out with this type of cryptocurrency is ensured by means of a special program code in a smart contract. Unlike some types of tokens, Crypto Commodities cannot be used outside the blockchain project for making settlements.


7. Stable Coins. This type of cryptocurrency is characterized by the lowest volatility, which is due to their linkage to a physical asset. The main condition for the imitation of this type of cryptocurrency by the company is the placement of funds in the accounts of the reserve fund in the amount in fiat currencies, which provides coverage of their cost. The most famous virtual currency in this category is Tether, but there are also others that are backed by dollars and euros. For example, El Petro is the first stable coin to be issued by the government. This stablecoin is issued by the government of Venezuela, and various resources of the country act as collateral. The PRC and the Russian Federation are also currently working on the release of stable coins. However, there is some contradiction between the nature of cryptocurrencies, which consists in the absence of centralized management and the mechanism for maintaining the exchange rate on the part of the state - the issuer of stablecoins.

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China has been working on the development of a digital currency since 2014, and in 2020 a pilot project was launched in several regions, which is to transfer funds to the blockchain.

Now, having an idea of ​​what cryptocurrency is, the question follows: "why is it needed?" Next, we will try to answer this question.


Top Crypto Casino logo png is on the photo.



What is cryptocurrency for when playing in a crypto casino?


The absence of a centralized governing body, which makes the system transparent, increases the attractiveness of transactions with cryptocurrency in  crypto casinowhich are becoming an alternative to bank transfers.


The absence of intermediaries in the form of banks also simplifies their conduct, and records in the blockchain system are almost impossible to delete or forge, unlike bank accounts. Also, virtual money can act as a means of accumulating capital, mainly for well-known currencies, such as Bitcointhat have some history of trading on the exchange.


The banking system is based on a kind of trust, the abuse of which sometimes leads to fraud, which consists in using clients' assets in the interests of the bank in which they are placed.


During the economic crisis, which is accompanied by massive bankruptcy of banks, a significant distortion in the economic system is possible, while the blockchain system, having lost even a significant number of nodes, does not stop full-fledged work.


What is the difference between the cryptocurrency and the euro and dollars used in the casino is in the photo.
How does cryptocurrency differ from euros and dollars used in casinos?


How does cryptocurrency differ from fiat currencies ($ / €) used in casinos?


There are certain differences between virtual money and fiat currencies:


1. Lack of a centralized governing body and relatively easy access to the blockchain, which consists of certain programs for the production and storage of virtual currency. Each of the wallets included in the network is a full-fledged node containing the entire system database. To gain access to information, you do not need to start a wallet or register in the blockchain network.


2. Transparency and openness of the base. Transactions crypto casinothat have been carried out since the first deposit are reflected in full; they cannot be deleted or corrected. Accordingly, having access to the public key, you can get the complete history of transactions, as well as data on the state of the account.


3. Freedom of action. To connect, you do not need to install a full-fledged client, which takes more than 200 gigabytes of memory. Access can be provided through a special mobile application or web resource. The security of the casino player's data storage is ensured by a special hardware safe.


4. Independence from third parties. The wallet that stores the cryptocurrency for playing in the casino cannot be disabled or frozen without its owner, which is due to the absence of intermediaries and a centralized regulator. Lack of intermediaries and external regulators. In the case when the program has a restriction on the release of cryptocurrency, then the generation of more is impossible. Transaction fees are generally insignificant, but directly dependent on the jurisdiction of the recipient party. All transactions made with cryptocurrency online crypto casino are irreversible.


5. Anonymity of players crypto casino, due to the absence of the need to specify passport data when creating a wallet. Despite the fact that its address is open and can be presented in the form of a QR code, the personal data of its owner cannot be obtained. However, an exception to this rule is crypto exchanges that work with both cryptocurrencies and fiat.


6. Incentives for users to support the system. Those who have sufficient assets to purchase special equipment and skills to work with it can mine virtual coins. This category of users is called cryptocurrency miners. In the process of mining cryptocoins, operations are checked and recorded in the appropriate blocks, and its cryptographic signature is calculated. After the block is signed, it is the basis for the formation of a new one. The formed set of blocks, where each is a continuation of the previous one, is a single chain, the correctness of the nodes of which is guaranteed by cryptographic calculations. All operations and blocks that are composed of them are deleted by the system when errors are detected, which guarantees the smooth operation of the blockchain system.


7. High safety performance. The equipment used for cryptocurrency mining is significantly more powerful than all the most advanced supercomputers. It will take billions of dollars to establish even the slightest control over the computers of miners, and there are no guarantees.


At the same time, all fiat currencies in the bank accounts of casino players can be easily forged by malefactors, and the volume of counterfeit bills makes up a significant part of the total money supply. Despite the fact that there is an intense struggle at the state level, the number of fakes is quite high.


The reason for the popularity of cryptocurrency in online casinos


Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies do not currently have a specific legal status, many countries note a high demand for virtual money. Huge demand is also observed for the use of crypto currencies in the Top Crypto Casino 2021! The main reason lies in their versatility and ease of transactions.


The reason for the popularity of cryptocurrency in online casinos is in the photo.
The reason for the popularity of cryptocurrency in Online Casino?


Mining cryptocurrency requires significant investment as well as certain skills, however, to create a wallet and buy digital currencies to use in crypto casino  this is not required.
Casino users highly appreciate the main advantages of blockchain systems, which include: anonymity, impossibility to correct data, and decentralization.


Moreover, the wallets on which the cryptocurrency is stored are characterized by high reliability rates, which is due to their encryption with a secret key. Many invest in virtual money with the expectation of increasing its price in relation to fiat money.


Prospects for the development of the cryptocurrency market


Prohibition of virtual money for use in crypto casino at the state level is extremely difficult, but governments are in no hurry to equate virtual money with real money. The most likely prospect is the recognition of cryptocurrencies as securities, which is due to the easing of taxation.


Until recently, the issuance of cryptocurrencies by the state seemed impossible, but after the emission by Venezuela, many countries began to consider switching to virtual money. However, the most likely is the creation of a hybrid currency - fiat and virtual coins. The new type will be characterized by a low probability of forgery, easy control of transactions, but there will be centralized management and no user anonymity.


Currently, the main income of those mining virtual money is in the generation of blocks, traders make a profit thanks to the rate jumps, and cryptocurrency owners and players crypto casino are waiting for a sharp rise in prices for the implementation of profitable sales transactions.


Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market is just beginning its development path, it is necessary to understand what this economic phenomenon is, as well as the features of its use. Blockchain technologies are gradually being introduced into many spheres of life, which is evidence of the imminent widespread transition to virtual money.


Pros and Cons of Using Crypto Currency

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency has a significant number of advantages, it also has disadvantages.
Pros of Crypto Currency
  • 1. Lack of a single governing body;
  • 2. Anonymity;
  • 3. Permanentness;
  • 4. Transparency of transactions;
  • 5. Reliability of the blockchain system;
  • 6. Ease of use.
Cons of Crypto Currencies
  • 1. Lack of collateral for most cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that the value of a virtual coin is also calculated based on the ratio of supply and demand, the liquidity of cryptocurrencies depends on many factors, in contrast to fiat, the liquidity of which is provided by the government and the Central Bank.
  • 2. High volatility of virtual money, which is confirmed by sharp and significant fluctuations in their value on exchanges.
  • 3. The private key cannot be recovered. If the lost key falls into the hands of intruders, then they can withdraw funds to another wallet, and if it is simply lost, it will be impossible to get virtual coins.
  • 4. The high value of crypto coins is limited by the system, which is its issuer. If the blockchain project is not popular or loses a certain value, then all virtual coins will turn into a worthless digital code. In this case, miners can start mining a different type of digital currencies, then investors will lose their invested funds.
  • 5. In the event that countries with developed economic systems make a unanimous decision to control or ban cryptocurrencies, the situation will change dramatically. Virtual money will become a means of payment in the shadow sector of the Internet, which will entail negative consequences for both miners and investors.
  • The least difficult to solve are technical problems, as well as a large number of fraudsters who, under various pretexts, steal virtual coins from the wallets of their owners. The problem of expanding the scope of use of cryptocurrencies will certainly be solved soon, and the security of funds in wallets can be increased by their owners themselves, observing certain precautions.
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