How to Win a Casino Bonus (2020)? And What is a Wager?

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Virtual casinos often use various promotions to attract new players. As part of these promotions, players are given a no deposit bonus, a gift for the first and several subsequent deposits, free spins drums. Very often, players do not fully understand the meaning of the promotion, as they do not read its terms to the end. The rules for providing almost every bonus say about the wager.

How to Win a Casino Bonus (2020) And What is a Wager on the photo?
How to Win a Casino Bonus (2020) And What Is It Wager?

What is a wager?

Wager represents a fixed amount of bets, which is necessary to clear the bonus. Only after wagering the bonus, the donated money can be withdrawn from the virtual casino. For example, a gambler received a 100% first deposit bonus of $ 200. On the bonus balance, he had 200 extra dollars, but he can’t withdraw them immediately after receiving the gambler.

The virtual casino obliges players to wager the bonus by setting for this wager. For example, in our case, common wager x50. It means that you need to play for donated 200 dollars at least 50 times. We multiply 200 by 50, we get 10 000 dollars bets.

There is usually a restriction on the duration of the bonus wagering. Usually donated money must be wagered within 30 days after receiving the gift. Sometimes in the casino there are more stringent conditions for wagering the donated money. For example, within seven days after receiving them. There are also restrictions on the rate, for example - you cannot bet more than $ 5 per one spin of the reels of a gaming machine. Winning a prize is usually not possible in all games. In roulette and poker, wagering progress can be counted only in the amount of 10-20% of the amount at stake.

Is it profitable to receive bonuses with a wager?

New players do not always understand such a complex system of giving gifts, begin to doubt its profitability. You need to be aware of the meaning of the promotion and the provision of bonuses. Virtual casinos are interested in providing bonuses to attract new players. But the casino administration does not want the gift to be cashed immediately after receipt.

Casino Bonus Wager is on photo.
Casino bonus wager

The meaning of the bonus is to give the player a small advantage, increase the chances of gain. This is especially important for beginners who have not yet fully understood the rules of the game. Therefore, really evaluate your chances of winning back the bonus. Experienced players claim that it is very difficult to clear a bonus with a wager over x50. Most likely, the donated money will remain with the virtual gambling establishment.

What bonuses include wagering conditions?

A no-deposit bonus almost always needs to be won back, you will also need to win back bonuses on any deposits, winnings from free spins without a deposit, donated money for your birthday. Concerning cashback, then you do not always need to win it back. Generous gambling establishments with a developed loyalty program immediately transfer the percentage of money lost to the main balance.

Ego Casino Live Games Bonus is on photo.
Ego Casino Live Games Bonus

Winnings in tournaments and lotteries are almost never necessary to win back, usually they are immediately transferred to the player’s main account.

Hidden disadvantages of the wager bonus program

Very often casinos do not act very honestly with players, offering them obviously unfavorable conditions for providing a bonus. Large wager disadvantages are not limited. Consider the most common disadvantageous conditions:

  1. The amount for wagering includes not only the bonus, but also the entire deposit made. To fulfill such conditions is almost impossible.
  2. The player can not choose from which account he makes bets. By default, money from the bonus account is used first. If a large amount of winnings falls out, then it will simply go into the offset of wagering. Withdraw it from the casino will not work.
  3. No funds can be withdrawn from the casino until the bonus is won.
  4. It is impossible to refuse the bonus, the player is imposed upon registration or topping up the account.
  5. The list of games in which you can wager the bonus is strictly limited. Sometimes gamblers are forced to play in unpopular gaming slots with a small return coefficient.

Strategies for wagering bonuses

Most importantly, focus on wager. Most of all chances to play a bonus with a wager up to x30. There are two most common bonus wagering strategies:

  1. The entire bonus amount is divided into the optimal bet amount. It is desirable that the rates were at least two hundred. So you will enjoy the game, and also minimize the loss of the entire bonus for several large bets.
  2. Progressive betting system - each player’s bet should be twice as large as the previous one. The game starts with a minimum bet. The strategy is suitable for virtual casinos with a high limit on the size of wagering bets. With a progressive bidding system wager recoup very quickly, but the risk of losing the entire amount is very large. But one successful combination will help you play almost the entire bonus at once.

Be sure to study the conditions for wagering the bonus before registering at the casino. If wager more than x50, you can’t refuse a bonus, and you can redeem it only on a few slots - such a bonus system is not profitable.

Best Casinos with Bonuses in 2020:

CASINO Bonus Visit
1 Instant Payouts! No Verification! VIP Cashback For Every Bet (not for a loss)! No Payout Limit! 112 Payment Methods! + Bonus € 1500 and 150FS! Review To the Casino
2 100 Spins No Deposit + Free Tournaments with Real Prizes! Review To the Casino
3 Deposit Bonus Up to 2000 € and 150 Free Spins as a Gift! Review To the Casino
4 50 Free Spins Without Deposit + $ 500 and 250 Spins for Gift Deposit! Review To the Casino
5 60 Spins No Deposit For Registration Free in the slot JUMANJI (NetEnt) in the New Casino 2020! Review To the Casino
6 Bonus 100% + 100 Free Spins! Quick Payouts (1-5 minutes). Review To the Casino
7 € 300 Deposit Bonus and € 1000 Cashback! Review To the Casino
8 150% Deposit Bonus and 147 Free Spins As a Gift for Ukrainian players! Review To the Casino
9 € 500 Deposit Bonus and € 5 Second Free Gift Bonus (Promo Code PLAYBEST5) Review To the Casino
10 € 1500 Deposit Bonuses and 150 Free Spins! Review To the Casino
11 Deposit Bonus € 300 (20000₽) + € 5 by promo code PLAYBEST5 Review To the Casino
12 40 Spins No Deposit (promo code PLAYBEST) + Deposit Bonuses up to 200% and 200 Free Spins! Review To the Casino
13 € 300 Bonus and € 5 Gift after the deposit (promo code PLAYBEST5) Review To the Casino
14 40 Spins without Deposit for Registration and 100% -200% Deposit Bonuses and Free Spins As a Gift (+ 200FS)! Review To the Casino
15 40 Free Spins For Registration By Promo Code PLAYBEST и Deposit Bonus up to 2000 € (100%)! Review To the Casino
16 1000 € Bonus package for registration and Flexible Spins (50 €) Review To the Casino
17 250% Deposit Bonus and 125 Free Spins as a Gift! Review To the Casino
18 20 Spins Free and € 2 for Confirming Phone Numbers! Review To the Casino
19 Deposit Bonus 300 € + 150 Free Spins As A Gift! Review To the Casino
20 20 Spins No Deposit and € 1000 (180%) Bonus Package! Review To the Casino
21 20 Spins No Deposit! € 500 (5BTC) +180 Spins Per Deposit! Review To the Casino
22 50 Free Spins No Deposit (25 DoA2 + 25 Gonzo's Quest)! Review To the Casino
23 Deposit Bonus € 300 (1 BTC) +100 Free Spins Review To the Casino
24 50 Rotations for Registration No Deposit, Live CasinoBetting on Sports and Cyber ​​Sports! Review To the Casino
25 20 Free Spins Without Deposit! + VIP Bonus Review To the Casino
26 Bonus € 1500 (140%) Review To the Casino
27 Bonus € 2000 + 200 Spins as a Gift! Review To the Casino
28 Deposit Bonus 100% (€ 200) + € 10 For Gift and 11 Spins Without Wager! Review To the Casino
29 1000 Free Spins on a Deposit! 2x € 10 Bets without Risk! Tote, Slots Review To the Casino
30 60 Free Spins per Gonzo's Quest no deposit Review To the Casino
31 40 free spins in Wild Wild West without deposit Review To the Casino
32 20 free spins without registration (mail only) Review To the Casino
33 Bonus 100 € + 300 Spins + 25 € for Friend Registration! Review To the Casino
34 50 FREE SPINS IN Starburst no deposit Review To the Casino
35 50 Free Spins (per Book of Dead no deposit! Review To the Casino
36 Deposit Bonus € 300 (20000₽) + € 5 by promo code PLAYBEST5 Review To the Casino

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How to Win a Casino Bonus (2020)? And What is a Wager?
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How to Win a Casino Bonus (2020)? And what is Wager?
Before taking a bonus at the casino, the player must know that each bonus has wager and before you withdraw gain from the casino, there will be a wagering bonus!
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