How to Play a Slot Machine Book of Sun Free (Code 100SUN)?

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How does a slot machine work in a modern online casino?

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Modern Online Casino Is a place where a certain type of language exists. This is due to the fact that in the casino you can find many terms that are never encountered in ordinary life.

Therefore, players should know the basic parameters of a slot machine (slot), phrases and words that will be useful when navigating the casino website and placing bets on sports and eSports, before starting to play in this casino.

How the slot machine works Book of SUN Multichance and Free Spins in 1xSLOTS there is a photo.
How the slot machine works Book of SUN Multichance and Free Spins в 1xSLOTS


Without knowing this special vocabulary, it is better not to start the game, because you can make a mistake or miss the name of any aspect during the gameplay, which, in turn, can end up losing money.

For example, you can start playing at a rate of 10 Euros per spin, while thinking that you are playing at a rate of € 0,10!

Before starting the game, the player must understand that Slots may differ from each other by the number of lines, reels and rows, symbols and bonus games. Using a video slot as an example Book of Sun: Multichance from provider Booongo familiarize yourself with the basic terms related to gambling.

By the way, in the casino 1xSlots all new players can start playing this slot machine for free. Since for registration at the casino 1xSlots players are credited 100 Spins without a deposit in the slot machine Book of Sun: Multichance from provider Booongo! To receive a bonus and start the game, you must enter promotional code 100SUN!

No Deposit Bonus 100 Spins Free at Casino 1xSLOTS by promo code 100SUN there is a photo.

What are the reels and lines in the slot?

In modern slots, the reels spin on the video slot screen. The most popular slot machines have 3 or 5 rollers.

There are also Slots with seven and ten reels, but they are not so common on gambling platforms. Slot reels are present in all online slots. A game Book of Sun: Multichance has 5 game reels, 10 paylines, free spins and bonus expanding symbols.

In the first generation slot machines, the reels were mechanical and the number of symbols was limited. Also, in the ancient slot machines there were no bonus free spins.

Modern Video slot Is a newer innovation and there are no longer any mechanical moving parts in the slot machine. Instead, a graphical representation of the game reels and lines of symbols appears on the screen.

The payline usually runs from left to right on the game screen and is where the player needs to line up the corresponding symbols to win.


You activate one or more lines in most slots, and if a line is not activated, you cannot create winning combinations on it.

Each casino has videoSlots can have a different number of paylines, there can be several dozen or several hundred.

Most modern games may not even have too many paylines, but they may offer 243 or 1024 ways to win a video slot (for example, by creating groups of a certain number of identical symbols next to each other).

What are the maximum and total bets of the slot machine?

The player determines the value of the bet, which represent a certain number of points. These points are then converted into real money. The higher the rate, the larger the multiplier, which means the chance of gain more money. In slot Book of Sun: Multichance the player can set the total bet for one spin. In this case, all lines of the slot will become active. In this game, the maximum bet is 30,00.

Slot Machine Free (Book of SUN) - 100FS in the Casino 1xSLOTS!
Slot Machine Free (Book of SUN) - 100FS in the Casino 1xSLOTS


The maximum bet is one of the strategies to maximize your profit. For example, if the maximum bet is 10 coins per line and you set the coin size to 10 cents, the maximum bet button will bet $ 1 per line. The total bet is the total amount of coins or money wagered on slot for the current rotation.

What are slot symbols?

The symbols of the slot machine are images that are applied to the reels of the slot. Game symbols Book of Sun: Multichance Are images of various elements related to the theme of Ancient Egypt.

The symbols of this slot include images of a pharaoh, a sacred bird, a scarab and a falcon statue, as well as card symbols with images of an ace, king, queen, jack and tens. To win, you must line up matching symbols on an activated payline.

Difference between Scatter and Wild symbols in casino slots

There are two main symbols in almost all slots: Scatter and Wild. The "Scatter" symbol gives access to free bonus games, the other plays the role of a wild symbol. Scatter and Wild symbols appear in all slots, playing a key role, taking different forms depending on the game. That is why it is important to clearly understand the difference between Scatter and Wild.

In Game Book of Sun: Multichance the "Book of the Sun" symbol plays the role of two symbols at once.

She is the wild and scatter symbol in this game. The "Scatter" symbol usually gives access to bonus games (not to be confused with the jackpot). The more "Scatter" symbols appear on the playing field after a successful spin, the more reward you will receive.

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Before you start playing, check the paytable and how the symbol works and what image the symbol represents.

The Wild symbol is considered a wild symbol and can substitute for all symbols on the slot machine, except for the Scatter symbol, to help you form winning combinations on paylines. Often the wild symbol corresponds to the logo of the game or the image of the main character of the slot.

This symbol can take many different formats, such as:

  1. Expanding Wilds: The symbol spans the entire reel, triggering a wild card game that operates in three different positions.
  2. Sticky wilds: Wild symbol stays in one place for several rounds.
  3. Walking Jokers: This name gives an idea of ​​their main characteristics, as these are wild symbols that change position on the reels after each spin. Depending on the slot machine you are playing, this symbol can be moved to the right or left. They are usually a guarantee of free spins and make it easy for the player to make a profit.

It is currently very difficult to find slot without Scatter and Wild symbols. Each appearance of one of these two symbols increases the player's chances of gain or to receive any bonus.

Remember that the functions of these two symbols can differ significantly from one slot machine to another, even between games by the same developer, so it is recommended that you check the function of each symbol in the slot paytable before you start playing.

100 Free Spins in the slot Book of Sun Multichance No Deposit Casino 1xSlots there is a photo.
100 Free Spins in the slot Book of Sun Multichance No Deposit Casino 1xSlots

What is autoplay?

"Autoplay" function of the slot machine Book of Sun: Multichance from provider Booongo launches a series of automatic spins of the game reels. Thus, the player can concentrate on the process of the game itself without constantly pressing the spin button. The player can also specify the conditions under which the automatic start of the game can be stopped.

For example, you can interrupt the game process if you have won or lost a certain amount. This way, as a player, you can maintain your own game strategy.

What is a jackpot?

Among the offers of slots available in online casinos, it is also worth mentioning Slots with a jackpot or progressive jackpot slot machines.

Jackpot means a certain amount of money that can be won by running the machine. Some Slots with jackpots do not have a set amount, and the size of the jackpot depends on the number of people joining the game.

Then we are talking about the progressive jackpot.

The progressive jackpot increases with each spin until it is won.

And many modern slot machines have 3 progressive jackpots at once: Minor Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Grand Jackpot.

Progressive jackpot Minor, Major and Grand in the provider's slot machines Pragmatic Play there is a photo.
Progressive jackpot Minor, Major and Grand in the provider's slot machines Pragmatic Play

The difference between these jackpots is the amount and frequency of the big winnings.

In a slot machine Book of Sun Multichance can win a jackpot of 300 coins.

What is RTP and PPG of a slot machine?

Slot random number generator Book of Sun: Multichance provides binding of a unique result of the algorithm to each spin of the slot machine.

This result is then displayed on the game screen. Ultimately, the result of the spin (or bet) is subtracted from the balance of the slot machine. This score is determined by randomly choosing a number from millions of unique numbers.

There is a random number generator in every slot machine. It is important to know that the random number generator is always independent and cannot be influenced.

The software that uses the RNG runs on external servers of game providers (providers). Slot machine provider Book of Sun is the company Booongo and the whole process of the game takes place on their servers.

It is important to understand that the casino itself, if it is licensed by the European Union (EU), cannot in any way affect the course of the game and the amount of the winnings. Online casino Is essentially a shell that only visualizes the process of the game. It also accepts deposits and pays out winnings. 

This means that gambling platforms also do not have access to games and in fact act only as financial channels. They take care of registration, storage of players' personal data and financial settlements for transactions.


Each slot is programmed in such a way that there are more losing combinations than winning ones.

This difference represents the theoretical advantage of the casino.

Thanks to this built-in advantage of gambling platforms (for online slots it is around 3% - 4%), online casinos will always make money from slot machines in the long run. But the random and independent nature of the RNG allows players to beat the casino.

100 Free Spins No Deposit due to registration at the casino 1xslots by promo code 100SUN there is a photo.

Slots usually programmed in such a way that the payout percentage ranges from 82% to 98% of the amount that gamers bet. This number is called Payout Percentage or RTP.
RTP in slot Book of Sun Multichance is 95.72%. This is the return on money a player should expect on average from a game. Basically, it is a technical percentage of how much money is paid out by the game as prizes.

Of course, this includes all prizes and standard payouts according to the paytable for that slot, but this figure does not include progressive prize pool wins. After all, it is impossible to accurately predict the amount accumulated in the jackpot when you win.


For example, if the RTP of a slot is 95%, this means that every $ 100 paid to play will result in a payout of $ 95 in prizes. But at this stage, you must take into account that this is a theoretical value, determined by an arithmetic method based on the rules of probability theory and taking into account all the parameters of the game.

What is a slot machine bonus game?

The bonus round (bonus spin) is a special variation of the game that allows the player to gain additional benefits. It starts randomly, although there is Slots, where the bonus appears after collecting a certain number of items (gold, keys, etc.) and they can be exchanged for a fixed amount. The highest wins drop out exactly during the bonus round.

It is very difficult to define specific types of bonus rounds.

However, due to certain patterns, several main bonus rounds can be distinguished:

<br>• Free spins: One of the players' favorite bonus rounds. After collecting a certain number of bonus symbols, the user receives a pool of free spins, the winnings from which will be added to his balance. Free spins may differ in the content of additional functions - multipliers, jokers or other bonuses with special effects.

<br>• Wheel of Fortune: The player gets the opportunity to spin the wheel when he collects a certain number of "Scatter" symbols in one spin. Interesting prizes are hidden in certain places on the game screen - it all depends on the ingenuity of the game manufacturer. Usually these are bonuses, cash prizes, access to the jackpot round, or the next more valuable stages of the game.

<br>• Click Me: Usually, the user sees three pictures on the screen, under which are hidden bonuses of different values. Click Me usually does not lead to very valuable winnings, but it is a guaranteed option that the player will not be left without a prize, which may be small.

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<br>• Arcade rounds: This is the most advanced bonus in the game with bonus rounds. It is usually based on the theme of the game. It can take the form of various tasks that the player must complete in order to earn the coveted cash prize.

Often the winnings can be increased using a certain multiplier, which is shown in the paytable. Slot bonus game Book of Sun very unusual. If three golden tomes with the sun appear on the playing field, the player is awarded 12 frispins.

In the "Free Spins" bonus mode, the Book of the Sun occupies all rows of the corresponding reel. The bonus game or bonus function is one of the new opportunities that became available to players after the appearance of video slots.

Three gold tomes in a slot Book of Sun Multichance is in the photo.
Three gold tomes in a slot Book of Sun Multichance

What are coins, multipliers and payouts?

  • Coins Is the size of the base rate. In the past, players could play with real coins or chips, but today they play most of the slots using cash and other online payment methods.
  • Factor Is the number that the winning spin is multiplied by. It is a character or series of characters that multiply gain for a certain amount.
  • Payment Is the amount you get for a certain winning combination of symbols. For example, you can get paid 25 coins for lining up four matching symbols from left to right on any payline.

Where is the symbol cost displayed?

Slot payout rates Book of Sun are fixed in the paytable. Also in this table the player can find the cost of the game symbols. The table is located on the game screen of the slot.

Most video slots display winning symbols in the paytable when the player presses a special button on the game screen. The likelihood of each payout should also be documented in this table.

Big Win in a slot machine Book of Sun Multichance in kaziyj 1xSLOTS there is a photo.
Great Win in a slot machine Book of Sun Multichance in kaziyj 1xSLOTS


Slot Machine Free at Casino 1xSlots - 100 Spins For Registration by bonus code 100SUN


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100 Free Spins No Deposit (Bonus Code 100SUN)! Instant Payouts! No Verification! VIP Cashback For Every Bet (not for a loss)! No Payout Limit! 112 Payment Methods! + Bonus € 1500 and 150FS!

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