How to Bet Sports Yellow Cards in Football?

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This article will reveal the features of bets on yellow cards. It will become clear what needs to be taken into account and with what intentions to approach the deal. The most effective tactics and sources of information for analysis are determined.

What types of LCD bets are there?

Do not miss the extra income channel. Betting on yellow cards with a competent approach and sufficient information can well raise the bank. Experienced betters have long been taking this opportunity.

What types of Yellow Card bets exist in the picture.
What types of Yellow Card bets are there?

Bookmakers do not skimp on many different options for transactions on yellow cards. The most popular of them:

  • To total. The most popular type of bet. It is a forecast for the approximate number of Yellow Cards. The analysis of the statistics of the teams, their composition and previous meetings of the rivals provides incredible help in this matter.
  • For example, the confrontation between inveterate rivals such as in the Milan derby or Manchester will most likely end in a large number of mustard plasters. Accordingly, matches that do not solve anything in the standings will be extremely calm and ineffective.
  • Specifying a specific player. Such a bet has a very high rate, but also has an increased risk of losing one's blood. According to statistics, a protector should be the main character. He is most often subject to a violation of the rules.
    Before betting, you need to analyze the athlete’s personality with scrupulousness. View his stats and explore the behavioral style of the game. For example, it’s not a secret for betters that Diego Costa (Diego da Silva Costa) or Sergio Ramos (Sergio Ramos García) - very explosive players. Almost every match replenishes their collection of Yellow Cards.
  • С specifying a specific command. The transaction is less risky than the last, but also requiring a responsible approach. It is necessary to guess the approximate number of cards for one particular team. The key to success is the statistics of previous meetings and the analysis of the game genre.
    Teams playing defensive football more often than not go against the rules. Constant pressure from the opponent forces the opponent to apply harsh methods of the game, including to commit deliberate violations. In addition to the sports specifics of the confrontation, pressure is incredibly pressing on the psychological state of players. Nervousness and fatigue increase the chances of getting yellow cards.
    For example, Atletico ( Club Atlético de Madrid) the last three years constantly play exclusively in its half. This fact is reflected in the statistics as a huge number of mustard plasters.
    Such clubs as Manchester City or Liverpool, with rare exceptions, become owners of Yellow Cards. Their game is always active and is located near the gates of the enemy. An attacking style of play does not make them go against the rules.
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  • With time. Betting rates are quite high, not less than 1.7. It is proposed to guess a specific period of time in which the arbiter will present a card. The gap is 10 minutes.
    It is no secret that the peak of rule violations occurs at the end of the meeting. Betting on the initial stages of the game is not worth it. Athletes will not experiment from the very beginning of the match and thereby earn mustard plasters. However, in European competitions, consisting of 2 matches, this state of affairs is possible.
    For example, a duel between Liverpool and Barcelona. The first match was devastating for the Liverpool men, ended with a score of 0: 3. In response, the team from the first minutes showed all its motivation to win. She played aggressively, rudely, trying not to leave her opponent a single chance. As a result, the first card appeared at 22 minutes, after 12 minutes - the second.
    Bet can play perfectly when betting on the last half of the time. If the gap in the account is minimal, then the athletes of the winning club will certainly take time. This is a serious violation of the regulation, which is punishable by a Yellow Card. Most often, this player becomes the goalkeeper. Therefore, you can cooperate two transactions: on the player and on time.

What you need to know about tactics on Yellow Cards?

Whatever strategy you choose, none of them will play without a scrupulous analysis of the match. You need to get acquainted with the statistics of the last 5-8 matches of both clubs. Nevertheless, there are other important points in the game of yellow cards in football.

What you need to know about tactics on the Yellow Cards is in the photo.
What You Need to Know About Yellow Card Tactics

Principle of the fight. Due to the motivation to win in a particular meeting. A striking example is the derby.

Judge Characteristics. All referees are different and their style of work also needs to be monitored. Some try not to violate the general rhythm of the match, while others constantly stop it because of any slightest offense. For example, referee Chakyra (Cüneyt Çakır) gives mustard plasters for the most harmless violations. Webb (Howard Melton Webb), on the contrary - a fan of tough and aggressive football. In matches with his participation, there are practically no Yellow Cards.

When a large number of cards are recruited in an athlete's arsenal, he can be suspended from discipline for an indefinite period. The players try not to bring it to a sad end, knowing that the next fight will be decisive for the club. For example, the opposite situation with Ramos (Sergio Ramos García) He can masterfully be punished to deliberately distance himself from playing with a weak opponent. Then, having fully recovered and having a rest, go out to the main match against the leader.

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Championship Features. In England, football players play rude and aggressive. Judges are tolerant of this and rarely give out Yellow Cards.

And Spanish and Italian football are peace-loving sports. Referees are negative about the slightest deviations from the regulations. Each match is accompanied by a large number of issued cards.

Betting on yellow cards is cost-effective and easy to execute. An experienced player must test his strength in this type of betting.

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Sports Betting (2021): Strategy - Yellow Cards in Football!
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Sports Betting (2021): Strategy - Yellow Cards in Football!
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