How to Bet on Hockey in an Online Casino Correctly?

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Any bookmaker is pleased to provide its customers with bets on the results of each period of a hockey match. Preferably, players choose handicaps, totals, or 100% team victory. It’s rare that anyone decides to bet on a draw, even taking into account a coefficient close to 3. We will analyze the unique strategy “draw in a period” and find out what its features are, and also consider how effective it is.

The essence of hockey strategy in Live?

You need to prepare in advance and collect information about the teams by period. The emphasis is better on those clubs whose matches often end in a draw. According to statistics, draw periods should be 30% -40%. Under these circumstances, the quote will be more than satisfactory.

The essence of the hockey strategy in Live is in the photo.
The essence of hockey strategy in Live?

For example, if a club ends a draw in 4 cases out of 10, then the odds. will not exceed the mark of 2.5. To see a coefficient of 3 means to catch a fortune. Such a valuable event cannot be missed.

Consider a championship in Sweden. First you need to pick up teams with statistics that are more than 35% of draw results in each segment of the match. Then choose the games in which the two above clubs meet. The size of the coefficient. in the office is of particular importance. It is more profitable to have profiles in different Bookmakers. This makes it possible to bet on a draw at the most favorable quotes. Its size should be 3.5% of the game fund.

Practical application of the strategy for a draw in hockey

High rates are a guarantee of high income. Every beginner in betting knows this. However, do not forget that most of them will remain the loser. Conditionally, in order to make a profit of 20%, you need to be right in 4.1 out of 10 with a coefficient. at 2.9-3.

Hockey bets work much better if they are done as a series (5,6 positions). For the first period, you can bet offline, but for the subsequent ones - online 10 minutes before they start.

For example, a player designated for himself five matches between the teams, with the characteristics indicated earlier. The bookmaker set the indicators to a draw in periods of 2.9. For each bet, the bettor allocated 10 conventional units.

Suppose only two are successful bets. In this case, the player on the wins won will receive a profit of 38 units, and on the lost - a loss of 30 units. As a result, the income will be 8 units, and the profit, respectively, 16%.

Of course, if the statistics of the opponents indicates the profitability of the bet, then you can not wait until the end of the first or second segment of the match. There is always the opportunity to arrange a coupon return in advance.

Council: Betting your first bets after 15 rounds of the championship. By this time, the statistics on the teams will already have a stable look. Deciding on the choice of the most frequent teams with a tie result is much easier.

Where to look for suitable matches for the strategy?

Where to look for suitable matches for the strategy is in the photo.
Where to look for suitable matches for the strategy?

Denmark, Norway, Austria, Germany - countries that you definitely need to visit.

Only their productive championships are completely unsuitable for this strategy. In those matches, the puck can roll on its own at any time. The famous NHL is also not good. Ice at stadiums in North America is much worse quality than in Europe. As a result, teams have the opportunity to throw the puck from convenient areas. The odds for a draw in the hockey periods in the NHL and Europe are the same, but the performance for this reason is much higher.

A great time when you can significantly increase the bank - these are decisive fights (playoffs). It is necessary to wait a moment for the rates to be the highest and to make a profitable bet with a bookmaker.

Council: it is definitely beneficial to bet on the first periods of the final series. As a rule, there is a 50% -60% chance that the start of a match will not be marked by any jumps in the results. Players try to work according to the rules, so as not to risk and earn deletion once again. 80% chance that the first 20 minutes will end in an absolute peaceful outcome with a score of 0-0.

Often draws in periods occur in the semifinals of world championships of such teams as Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland. Between themselves to a large extent they compete in defense. So, if the Finns or Czechs find themselves in the last stages of the tournament, then the abundance of draw periods is guaranteed.

Which match doesn’t need to be bet?

The legendary rivalry between the teams of Canada and Russia is an excellent sight. Only it is definitely not suitable for the implementation of this tactic. Unfortunately, the Russian team is not distinguished by a powerful organization of the game in defense. Canadians, by contrast, are excellent in attack and from the very beginning of the match actively score goals.

How to correctly analyze the game for the strategy?

Constant control over the game behavior of the teams is the way to a stable income. A favorite of the championship, even consisting of hockey stars, is not the best choice for working out a strategy. From such a team you can expect any kind of behavior on the site. It is better to choose a club with a good organization of the game and with strict submission to the mentor.

It is necessary to notice how opponents play in unequal compositions, how often deletions are repeated. One of the key points is the behavior of the leading pair of defenders. Their work on the boards and on the patch is important, as well as the number of martial arts won by the best players of the opponent.

A team with excellent self-organization seeks to push the activity of the game away from their gates, to the sides or to the center of the site. The team clearly responds to the goalkeeper's instructions. "Fives" and "triples" in time succeed each other. The forecast for the game of such a club will be unambiguous: there are very few errors at the gates and the absence of super-manoeuvrable attacks. As a result, the winner will be determined no earlier than the third period or even overtime.

The strategy definitely deserves attention. The rate is close to 3, which makes it profitable for the bettor. It is enough to get income by winning 4 bets out of 10. The main thing in tactics is to watch the teams and choose the most predictable ones. It is not advisable to exceed the bet size at 3.5% of the bank.

Where to Bet on Hockey in 2020?

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Hockey Betting (2020): Strategy - Draw in the Period!
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Hockey Betting (2020): Strategy - Draw in the Period!
Any bookmaker is pleased to provide its customers with bets on the results of each period of a hockey match. Preferably, players choose handicaps, totals, or 100% team victory. Read more...
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